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How To Pick The Right Size AC

It’s basically impossible to stay cool in the Mississippi heat without a working air conditioner. Yet, even if your AC is working properly, you still might find that your home is uncomfortable if it’s the wrong size. But how do you know what size cooling system to purchase?

At Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning, we know the secret to finding an air conditioner that works for your home. With a little help from us and some simple calculations, you’ll achieve consistent cooling in your home in no time.

What Type Of AC Do You Need?

Before you can determine the correct size of a new air conditioner, you’ll need to figure out the kind of system you need for your home. There are two types of AC systems: ductless and traditional. Traditional cooling uses ductwork to transport cool air throughout your home. Ductless technology uses smaller mini-split units that cool separate zones of your home.

There are a lot of factors to consider before choosing ductless or traditional cooling. For example, ductless air conditioning is usually more energy efficient but can be more expensive to purchase initially. On the other hand, traditional is a good option for homes with existing ductwork, but it isn’t always energy efficient.

Consider speaking with one of our experts at Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning to determine which system is best for your home. Once you’ve decided which model to go with, you can figure out what size you’ll need.

What Impacts Air Conditioner Sizing?

One of the biggest factors that impact air conditioner sizing is how large your home is. Even though this is a primary aspect to consider, there are a few other elements you should consider, such as:

  • Climate
  • Insulation
  • Existing ductwork
  • Ceiling height
  • Windows

If your home loses a lot of air due to improperly sealed windows and doors, consider fixing these issues before scheduling a replacement.

How To Calculate The Right AC Size

Determining the size of the AC for your home is quite simple. However, the method for calculating the proper size is different for ductless and traditional systems.

Sizing Mini-Split Units

To determine what size ductless air conditioning unit you need, start by measuring the length and width of the room or zone where you’ll place the machinery. Then, multiply the room’s length by the width to get the square footage. Afterward, multiply that number by 25 British Thermal Units (BTUs).

The resulting number in BTUs is the minimum cooling capacity your mini split should have. When you purchase this system, it will be labeled with the BTUs, so look for a number equal to or slightly more than the number you calculated.

It’s possible to purchase a mini split that is too powerful for the area you want to cool. Doing so can cause you to waste money and energy. One of our professional HVAC technicians can help you determine the perfect size mini split for each zone inside your house.

Sizing Traditional Air Conditioners

Traditional AC is a little more straightforward than ductless since you only need one unit for your home. Typically, traditional air conditioners come in different sizes ranging from 1 to 5 tons. There are 12,000 BTUs in each ton, which describes how much heat it can remove from your home.

You’ll need to use the following equation to figure out what size unit to purchase:

(House square footage x 25 BTW) / 12,000 – .5 = required AC size in tons.

You can plug in the square footage of your house and plug the other numbers into your calculator to figure out what size air conditioner you need. Otherwise, our experienced team of professionals can help you determine what size is best for your Meridian home.

Scheduling Meridian AC Installation Today!

If you’re overwhelmed by the AC sizing process or you’re ready to get your unit installed, our team at Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning would love to help. We can help you figure out all the complexities of your air conditioning replacement so you can rest easy in the Mississippi heat. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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