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Can Your Heater Make You Sick?

January 25, 2022 | Blog

We often expect allergy attacks and sinus infections during the pollen-infested spring season. However, your body could have an adverse reaction to a dirty heating system. Prioritize heater maintenance and repairs by consulting Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning for your HVAC needs. Before you give anyone a call, check below if you have symptoms that could indicate an unclean heating system and ways to prevent this issue.

Symptoms Your Heater May Be Giving You

If you haven’t cleaned your heater in a long time, it will likely have dust and pollen buildup. A dirty heater can contribute to symptoms such as:

  • Overactive allergies due to dust and pollen blowing in the air
  • Watery and itchy eyes from dust and dry air
  • Frequent headaches and migraines caused by clogged sinuses resulting from dust, mold, carbon monoxide, and fungus
  • Excessive coughing due to a sore throat and clogged nasal passages
  • Constant sneezing affected by air particles
  • Poor circulation throughout your body leaving your feet and hands cold

How to Prevent Sickness From Your Heater

Buy a Humidifier

It adds additional moisture to the air in your home, which increases the air quality. A humidifier may relieve your symptoms if you suffer from congested sinuses or a dry throat. Make sure to stay up-to-date with cleaning and maintenance, or you could have a fungal or bacterial issue on your hands.

Open Your Windows

Suppose you’re dealing with dust or pollen in the air. In that case, it is crucial to open your windows before you turn on your heater to allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home. Be sure to install a carbon monoxide monitor to ensure that you aren’t at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Replace Your Heating System

Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing your old system. Old systems experience issues that can contribute to a problematic furnace, resulting in a carbon monoxide leak. Faulty gas furnaces can also cause asthma attacks due to nitrogen dioxide released into the air. If you know that your system is older than 15 years, contact Heblon Heating & Air Conditioning specialists for professional heating installation service.

Change Your Air Filter

To prevent your asthma or allergies from getting worse, check your air filter for signs of dirt or mold. If your filter is dirty, clean it or replace your air filter altogether. Doing so will minimize the number of sinus issues and headaches you’ll experience. One of the best filters you can buy is a HEPA filter. It is a permanent filter that eliminates around ninety percent of the air particles in your home.

Clean Your Ducts

This task needs to be done before the winter when you need to use your heater. Cleaning your ductwork can prevent symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, migraines, and allergies by circulating warm and dust-free air throughout your home.

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